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Key Features of Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is malware security products to protect all of your devices across all platforms. It is a security solution to safeguard against most advanced malware. Also, Bitdefender Total Security is developed by technology tycoon Bitdefender. Therefore, it is designed with the most innovative security technology. Also, it gives network threat prevention, parental control. The user can optimize the speed with multi-layer ransomware protection.

Cutting-Edge malware protection by Bitdefender Total Security offers deepest defenses against even a one-day born malware. Bitdefender Total Security safeguards your Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Bitdefender Total Security ensures your devices get the best protection with no compromise on performance or battery life. Also, make sure to install the latest and complete version of Bitdefender Total Security. So, you can protect your private life across multiple platforms.  

Bitdefender Total Security has developed with brilliant features to stand alone against malware and ransomware. It offers multiple security for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. So, one can choose Bitdefender Total Security for their security needs. Bitdefender Total Security protects your private life across multiple platforms – all without slowing down your devices.  

Bitdefender Total Security Key Features


Through user-initiated actions such as clicking on a malicious link in a spam email or visiting a malicious website, anti-ransomware takes place. So, these infections can affect your device. So, it’s always better to protect your device with the best security solution available. Also, ransomware infections are opportunistic and can malicious attack that encrypts. Due to that, it denies access to your most precious files too. However, this can turn ought to be big trouble. So, Bitdefender Total Security gives you powerful protection against the growing threat of ransomware. Therefore, Bitdefender Total Security gives instant protection against every new type of ransomware.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

Life has become faster. And also the instant needs such as money transfer, ticket booking, etc. Therefore, you always need a sustainable internet connection on the go. So, you need to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots sometimes at cafes, airports, parks or shopping malls. In order to get the Internet on the go, you should have to connect it with the available Wi-Fi. Also, this connection can affect your device. Therefore, Bitdefender Total Security protects your device with Wi-Fi Security Advisor. Consequently, for any security holes that might put you at risk, it scans the networks connected. After that, to protect your device and your privacy Wi-Fi Security Advisor recommends the best action.


A firewall is a network security device. It monitors outgoing network and incoming traffic. Also, it makes a decision to block and allow specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules. Therefore, Bitdefender Total Security gives the firewall to establish a barrier between controlled and secured internet network. Due to the intensive extra layer of protection, Bitdefender Total Security stands alone in the line. However, it blocks potential malicious applications. So, from hackers and data snoops your personal information stays safe. Hence, Bitdefender Total Security firewall is designed to improve the usability firewall. Bitdefender Total Security firewall allows better management of application rules.

Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender Total Security gives advanced threat Defence. So, that you can be secured with security solutions. Therefore, it enables the immediate sharing of threat intelligence including zero-day threat protection. Also, it uses an innovative proactive detection technology with advanced threat defense. Bitdefender Total Security detects different suspicious behavior on the device. Therefore, advanced heuristic methods to detect ransomware. Bitdefender advanced threat defense identifies anomalies on your system. Furthermore, Bitdefender Total Security speed post-attack investigation.

Finally, Bitdefender Total Security safeguards you with impeccable security component. Also, you can work in a single well-integrated package. Additionally, it gives a wealth of useful bonus features and cross-platform protection.

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