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Central.bitdefender.com is a web platform through which users can create a Bitdefender account. It helps users in managing their various Bitdefender products and services from one single account. After signing in, you can buy, activate and access your purchased products. 

Features Of Bitdefender Central Account

Below-given are its advanced features:

Parental Control- Protect your kids online: 

With the help of the Bitdefender Central account, you can create your child profile and monitor all the activities. It shows all the applications that your child is using on the computer. Also, you can allow or block the phone contacts of your child to maintain security. So, it helps you in protecting your kids from various threats. 

View Premium Services and Latest Offers

You can view and access all the Premium services that you have in your account and can also purchase new premium services. It shows you all the latest offers of new products and services that may help you in fixing your computer issues. Also, it displays only personalized offers that are 100%  customized according to the security needs of your devices. You can buy them whenever you need by just clicking the Buy Now button.



Manage your Bitdefender Subscriptions: 

By signing in to your Bitdefender Central account, you can see all the details of your purchased products linked with your account. You can activate your subscription by using an activation code in your account. Also, you can see the devices on which you are currently using the subscription. So, you can manage your Bitdefender subscriptions with just one single account. 

Edit Your Account Details: 

You can change your email address and password whenever you want for better security. Also, you can adjust your personal information for receiving personalized offers only. Moreover, you can change the language for your Bitdefender Central account and for the Bitdefender product that you are installing on your system. 

Direct Access to the Support Team: 

By signing in to your central.bitdefender.com account, you can directly access to the support team in case you are facing issues related to Bitdefender. If an error occurs while installing the software or you are unable to login to your account or any other issue, click on the “My Support” tab. There you will find various articles and videos that may help you in resolving your issue.